Long Distance Relationship

Lonely nights are a sad fact of long distance relationships. Your lover is far away and you wish nothing more than to be together.
You miss your lover's touch and all the nightly pleasures you could be experiencing together.
With a phone or tablet attached to a Valentina Girl doll resembling your partner you can be together just as if you were in the same place.
There are plenty of dolls to choose from. Both genders, different body types, different skin colors.
This way you can hug and touch your partner, and of course you can both enjoy each other in the most intimate of ways.
Any love-maneuver is possible due to the anatomically correct bodies of Valentina Girl dolls.
You be having sex together every night just as if you were together in the flesh. Your connection is not only physical, but also spiritual, bringing you closer together as a couple.
You sleep together the whole night, and you will both sleep like babies.
When you wake up in the morning you are still together with your lover, and you kiss each other good morning before you start your day.

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